Hotel/Bar Decoration

Oil Paintings, Metal Wall Art, Wall Panels - Find below some examples of  our creations : has been selected by designers to help decorate many corporate offices. Whether you are a Hotel, a Restaurant/Bar, or a Retail stores, we’re ready to help you use our products to decorate your space beautifully.

Dedicated Team to Meet Your Needs :

Custom Size Paitings / Metal Wall Art ; 10 to 30 Feet Wide.
Very large Custom Creations : Metal Wall Art and Oil paintings. Designs from 10 to 30 feet available.
From our Oil paintings or Metal Wall Art Designs, our professional Artists are able to create a unique large painting just for you, with the exact dimensions that you need to perfectly compliment your space. Simply contact one of our art consultants and our artists will prepare the perfect painting, just for you.

Custom Designs ; from the FabuArt Selection.
You like the design of a particular painting but would prefer a different color pallet or panel form? No problem!  We have professional artists that will create the perfect painting for you. Simply contact one of our designers and we will prepare a custom painting for you.

Custom Creations ; from your ideas or designs.
Very large custom creations  from our designs, your designs, your office photos, or with an Integration of your logo.
You have a vision as to what the perfect painting or wall art for your home or office would be?  All you have to do is contact one of our designers for the creation of your design and our professional artists will bring your ideas to life by creating the perfect piece for you.

Other Decoration Products.
Metal Art Integration : Metal wall art Integration in your bar, diner table, desk.
Sculptures : All of our sculptures feature an exquisite marble base with a beautiful resin finish. Sizes from 30 to 84 inches.
Designed Wall Panels : Handmade Panels, Metal, Graffiti Board, Translucent Resin, Semi Carved Grill, Aluminium, Acrylic.

Business Sales / Hotels / Restaurants : For more information, Please contact us at

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